RoE September 2021 Update

>RoE September 2021 Update

- Added a new Dungeon if you talk to the adventurers. It also has a new recruitable companion.

- Shortened combat animations

- Added/substituted more background art. 

PS: This is my first Devlog... please don't eat me alive if things go wrong (I accept criticism though). 


RoE Sept 2021 234 MB
Sep 07, 2021

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been super excited for a new update, glad its finally here

You can follow me on Patreon or Discord. I kinda forgot about updating the game on itch... I tend to wait/post for my games to be completed before posting them on itch. Sorry bout that... (there's also a new game released. It's public, but only on Patreon/Discord )

Ill check it out, thanks